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If you have any doubts about ordering our products, take a look at what our customers have to say about Nature's Page Animal Treats.

The chicken treats arrived today and my golden retriever, Lalka, just knew it was for her. I couldn't get the packaging off fast enough. Boy, she'll do just about anything for one of your treats. They're great! I really like the vacuum sealed packaging. I've left positive feedback for you. Thanks again for the great service. You can be sure I will be reordering!
-Rene (Florida)

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much Jake, an 8 week old mixed breed puppy, loves your treats. I purchased some of the Chicken S. treats and decided to attempt teaching Jake to sit. Within 5 minutes he was sitting perfectly. While I gave him a lot of affection every time he sat, I have no doubt the treats played a major part, because he absolutely loves them! Thanks
-John (Idaho)

I train obedience & agility dogs and sometimes I find it difficult to find a treat that everyone likes. I ordered a combo package of your Chicken and HI-Energy treats, and a bag of your Liver jerky. I have yet to find a dog that doesnít like either one of them. The dogs (and my cat) go absolutely bonkers over the jerky!!! I plan on buying all my treats from your company from now on.
-Stan (New York)

I was rather hesitant to order these treats online, but I was so sick and tired of buying treats for Candis, my German Shepherd, and having her turn her nose at them. As soon as I opened the package, the aroma immediately got Candisí attention. Now when I say itís time for a cookie, her ears perk up and she waits expectantly.
-Derik (California)

I used to think my dog just didnít like receiving treats. I would buy the boxes of treats from the grocery store and toss one to Genie (a poodle). She would give it a sniff, and walk away. This past Christmas, a family member gave me a package of Chicken Supreme treats. I opened the package, and noticed a very appetizing smell. I called Genie, and offered her one expecting her to turn it down as usual. I was surprised to see her snatch it up, and come back for another after she was done.
-Chris (Alabama)

All I can say is WOW!!
-Toni (Ga.)

My sugar gliders and my pug love the chicken treats and my guinea pigs really like the apple treats. Also the high energy treats my pug thinks are the greatest THUS I have ordered more and will continue to order again and again. These are wonderful!!!!!! It is great when you find something your furry babies love and that are good for them too!!!!!!!
A funny story, Fancy my female sugar glider was eating one half of the chicken heart. I gave Deion, my male, the other half. Fancy who is normally a bit submissive to him grabbed his half and had one in each hand and would not let him have his. I ended up having to break another as she was out of hands lol. Thought it was a cute tidbit and a definitely thumbs up for the treats.
- Terri (Texas)

I have 2 horses, 1 dog, 4 goats, and 2 rabbits. I never thought I would find a treat that all of my animal liked. All of them love your Hi-Energy, and Apple-licious treats. It is so nice to be able to treat all my pets from one bag.
-Jen (texas)

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